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Benefits And Installation

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A home may be the single largest investment that you will make. Landscaping is an important part of that investment and brings the homeowners pride in their home while maintaining the value of the home and the neighborhood. One of the best ways to keep this investment at the high end of the areas property value, is to insure that the landscaping is not only beautiful, but well cared for.

Not only will it save you the time and effort of having to pull out the hose and place it from location to location, but you can leave on vacation and not have to worry that your lawn has burned out while you were away. Just imagine the cost to seed or sod a damaged lawn. The costs could easily equal the cost of installing a custom irrigation system.

Your sprinkler system and our high tech equipment even knows when it is raining and will discontinue the auto mode saving you money and protecting your lawn from flooding.

Our equipment will insure you that you are watering just the right amount of water and do it at the right time each day.  There is no better way to maintain a healthy , beautiful and landscaped property.

Many think that maintaining an attractive landscape requires a large investment in time and money, but with the help of an automatic irrigation system you can protect your investment by maintaining a healthier, lawn and surrounding plantings. You will reduce the chemical treatments required with lawns that don't receive proper watering, virtually eliminate noxious and other types of weeds that invade an unhealthy lawn and discourage insects and harmful diseases from destroying your property. Oh, one other important reason to install an automatic irrigation system, it will increase your properties appraised value and or course your homes curb appeal and that means more dollars when you go to sell.


Irrigation Installation


We will evaluate your needs and design a custom irrigation system that will cover each area of your lawn and landscape. We will be sure that your property utilizes our custom fitted sprinklers for every need, from a choice of sprinkler head to a control system that will divide the watering into various zones. The controller is programmed to apply the right amount of water to each zone and for a period of time that is needed for that zone. We will install a rain sensor that will automatically turn off your system if enough rain has fallen. This will not only save you money on water costs, but prevent over watering.

Although many do-it-yourselfers may think that installing an efficient automatic irrigation system is an easy task, doing it properly is not. For the additional costs involved in hiring professionals to design the correct system you eliminate the time, cost and effort involved and you can be sure you are getting commercial quality equipment that is installed properly. Over the life of your sprinkler system the small difference in cost will be paid back many times over. Our years of experience and our expertise will not only ensure a water-efficient system but also provide years of trouble-free operation.


Irrigation Servicing


Any mechanical system including an irrigation system will require a certain amount of servicing. Replacing worn or broken heads, pre-season start-ups and post season winterization is important. The cost of these services is considered to be not only reasonable, but with our trained team of experts it is fast and painless.

Our team is available to handle emergency calls as well and there is always someone available to help you with expansion of an existing system too.

Rainbird , Toro and Hunter Irrigation Systems


You will find many irrigation installation companies will recommend these three systems. Why, because these are the leaders in the field and each one offers a system for every application and budget. Each custom-designed irrigation project, requires us to evaluate your landscape, your budget and your individual preferences and only then will we suggest the proper system for you. Some irrigation installation companies may push one manufacturers equipment over an other. We do not, we want you to decide which is the best systemfor you and will take the extra time to explain the differences of each.

The Equipment

All manufacturers provide gear-driven sprinklers, which are used for slow water application. This helps avoid costly water runoff. The precision-engineered nozzles apply water evenly and helps to eliminate brown spots and lawn disease. The Spray heads help to keep the water on turf and plants and off walkways and walls. All of the controllers have a smart, ran sensor capability to allow needed watering only and also includes the ability to skip days you don't want to water. They also allow you to water on odd or even days which may be required in areas where water shortages occur.

Of course there is an override to shut off or put on a system as you need to and you can set it for seasonal changes as well. So remember, installation of an automatic irrigation system is not an easy task. This then is the primary reason to call us and let us help you make the right decisions, save you money and increase the value of your property. You will always be part of our extended family and you will always be able to call us when the need arises. We service thousands of past customers each year and have done so for over 20 years, call us today for a free evaluation of your irrigation needs.

Low Voltage Lighting
During our consultation for your irrigation system, be sure to ask us about the savings installing your lighting at the same time.
The Equipment
Technology has lead the way to the most efficient and easy to use digital timers and controls. No degree in computer science necessary.
How many zones and heads do you need?
When we evaluate your property and watering needs, we can determine how many and the type of heads you need to do  the job.  Do you have a flower or vegetable garden?  Wouldn't it be nice to never have to hand water them again?  All part of your custom irrigation system.
No Lawn Damage
No need to be concerned about installation damage
With our highly efficient crew and the help of our powerful boring and trenching machine we can lay the pipe necessary and do it with minimal damage to your existing lawn.  Our machines have the ability to slit your existing lawn while pulling the pipe and do it well below the surface. You may experience a little browing where the slits were made, but they soon fade into healthy green grass.
Visit our photo gallery and video page to see how we do it and how you can have a beautiful lawn, with gorgeous lights in the evening, adding beauty and value to your home.
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Owner  Daren Kaufmann, is on the job, making sure your installaton is perfect in every way.


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