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Services and Repairs

Quality Irrigation is a water conservation specialist a member of the Irrigation Association of New Jersey.

We are fully insured and our crews are radio dispatched to reach our clients fast in emergency situations.

We recommend two important seasonal system services and one optional summer service. Our seasonal services are relatively inexpensive and enables us to check your system and recommend changes or improvements that might be desireable.


SPRING START-UP - (March, April, May)

We will Close all drain valves and plugs. Then we reopen the shut off valves and check for any leaks or problems. We will check each individual zone and adjust and or clean the heads to maximize proper operational efficiency. We then retest for proper zone coverage of heads and adjust them if necessary. Finally, we will reset the control time for optimal Spring season watering needs and adjust the rain sensor settings.

SUMMER CHECK-UP - (June, July, August) - Optional

We will make any adjustments needed as your lawn, beds, trees and shrubs begin to grow. Individual zones are checked and heads are re-adjusted if necessary. Once again rain sensors and timers are set for optimal summer performance. Main and ball valves are checked for leaks.

WINTERIZATION - (October, November, December) - Necessary

We start this service by shutting off water to irrigation system. We open and drain all valves and plugs. We then apply powerful compressed air to the main lines, valves and heads to make sure the system is completely water free. This prevents frozen pipes and valves that can crack and break during the winter. The control system is then disabled for the season

We service what we sell...and we can service most major sprinkler systems too.
We can service all systems for residential and commercial clients.  Of course we are trained in servicing the systems we sell and offer original manufacturers replacement parts, but we also have the ability to service many other and older systems as well. 

Older systems can be upgraded and expanded as necessary for any changes in your landscaping and to maximize the effectiveness of your current system.

All repairs are fully guaranteed and parts are additionally guaranteed by the manufacturers.